Dear Members,

Today we started the install of our new server and update to the hardware side of our IT requirements. Next Monday we will have the install of our new database for us to test and train on. The next 6 weeks following this will see the rollout of the iCompete system in it's entirety for main office use. Affiliates will have access by about October. What this means for you as members; LTE for horses and members and the national and area standings will load live from the iCompete database to the website. This should be a reality by May. The iCompete system will dovetail into the current website. The current software known as Cutting Show Manager will remain available for affiliates to use until the iCompete system is online to them. We are in the process of moving the hosting for Cutting Show Manager to the Azure cloud where our website is hosted. What this will mean is more capacity available to operate more efficiently. Please be patient as we are implementing this as fast as we can.


Craig Young

General Manager.

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