2020 Futurity | COVID-19 Updates


COVID-19 Updates

All Snafflebit membership; first-time or a renewal is 50% of the full price for the remainder of 2020.

NCHA Update and Announcement on Proposed Way Forward for 2021 & 2022 (10/09/20)

Last year the current NCHA Board started the process of developing a strategic plan to ensure the long-term viability of the Sport of Cutting in Australia. We could not have imagined the disruption and uncertainty that would envelop us in 2020.  Since the onset of Australian Covid-19 Pandemic Conditions in March 2020, we have been forced into cancellations and postponements of the NCHA Futurity, all the smaller scheduled aged event shows as well as most weekend shows. These major event postponements and cancellations have made a significant impact in all aspects of our industry. The disruption to our show calendar has caused both financial and emotional pain to owners, trainers, breeders, riders, sponsors and traders.

The NCHA Board and staff are aware of all aspects of this disruption but remain totally committed to moving forward with the preservation of the Australian Cutting Horse Industry through these unprecedented times. We have been, and remain very conscious of being receptive, but not overly reactive in what is a very uncertain and emotionally charged environment.

Predictions are that 2021 (possibly 2022 as well) will continue to be unstable times for the Australian economy and, therefore, will impact on discretionary/lifestyle spending. The Board have been considering many different options and proposals to address the many short and mid-term hygiene issues that already have, or will affect our members and commercial partners. We have also been looking for any viable opportunities to enact strategic change in the sport. Part of that process has been the formation of a small working group of NCHA members, to review and give feedback on some of these proposals.

We are currently working with AELEC to access available dates to stage the 2021 NCHA 4CYTE Futurity, so as we can provide a revised Aged event program in 2021. These dates are to accommodate the following:

  • To provide an Aged Event/s to support the 2020 horses (March/April)
  • Feedback from an established working group of members
  • Implications on other NCHA Affiliate shows
  • Adapting to the ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty

We expect confirmed dates from AELEC, for the July-September 2021 period as early as next week. At that time, we will provide a revised calendar to present to our members. This we hope will give some understanding for your preparation in 2021.


NCHA Board



NCHA Board Statement to Members 

The NCHA Board like you all, have been following the ongoing Covid 19 situation closely. During this time, we have been in regular communication as a Board, and also with many valued members. 

We are very much conscious of the overall information that we are receiving. In summary, it is that the majority of our members and sponsors want to see the 2020 4Cyte Futurity and Aged events titles awarded, a position that the Board is working to achieve. 

As this situation is constantly evolving, we have been mindful as to not be reactive or respond too early, as it is important that we achieve the desired result for all. 

We are clear though that the next month is a critical time, and we will be in a better position to determine whether we can stage the 4Cyte Futurity in October 2020. 

There are several members, in particular our Victorian competitors doing it much tougher than the rest of the Cutting world, and our thoughts are with them at the moment. 

We as a Board want to provide some certainty for them and grant some confidence in what we hope will make sure will get a result for the 2020 4Cyte Futurity. 

The NCHA Board has supported the following: 

  • As of Monday, the 3rd August up to the 1st September 2020 entries in all aged events may be scratched with full refund, minus the Office Administration fee. 
  • If there are multiple entries by a competitor, they must scratch all entries and must not scratch one division only. 
  • However, a non pro may scratch their horse and may allow that entry to compete with their trainer if you elect to enter in an open event 

After scratching’s have been received, we will review entries and determine an adjusted purse for each event. 

As stated earlier, our intention is to stage the 2020 4Cyte NCHA Futurity in October this year. However, if the unfortunate decision must be made to cancel, it is still our intention to work towards these Aged event champions being awarded at a later date. 

Please feel free to contact the NCHA office should you need further clarification with regard to your entries. 


Check out NCHA President, Peter Shumack's explanation below:


Normal penalties waived for new Non Pro Futurity entries


The Board has decided to implement an amnesty period for new Non Pro and Amateur entries in the Futurity, Derby and Classic events in the 2020 NCHA 4CYTE Futurity until the 1st September. In addition to the set entry fee there will be an applicable fee of $165 in line with the current slot transfer fee. This decision has been made in light of the extenuating circumstances due to Covid-19. Normal late penalties will apply after the 1st September 2020.

We encourage you to try and purchase a slot from a member first if you would like to enter as we do not want to hinder the current slot system.

If you have any queries please contact our office on 02 6765 9356 or by emailing admin@ncha.com.au.


Check out NCHA President, Peter Shumack's explanation below:

COVID-19 Updates