Forms | 2020 NCHA Board Director Elections


The NCHA Board Director Election voting will now be an online voting option through the NCHA website


The process is not only simple but quick, secure and will provide confidence for all members.


The nominations for the 2020 Board positions are:

Kim Campbell

Jackson Gray

Jamie Inglis

Lori Mackay

Ian McLauchlan


Online voting will commence from the 27th January, closing 18th February 2020 at 3pm.


For members who do not have access to do online voting or choose to vote through the previous postal means, this option is still available. We ask those members to contact the NCHA office, so as we can register your request and send out the voting documentation to you. Please make sure you do so as soon as possible, so as you are able to receive, fill out and return your voting documents by 18th February.


We again encourage all members to use the online voting program, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting the office on 02 6765 9356.