Cutters In Action Committee

The NCHA is a close knit community brought together by their love of cutting and horses. For many years, friendships that last a lifetime have been formed - in good and bad. The NCHA and its members realised early on, that despite life's best intentions, hardships sometimes fell amongst their own. To this end, the crisis fund, 'Cutters in Action' was formed in 1984 and led by a hardworking sub-committee. Namely, Sunny Johnson, Mandy Wilson, Trish Lamey & Debbie Donohoe.

Merle Mitchell later was an active member & coordinated publishing a CIA Cookbook. Therese Mann also played a large role for several years in the early 2000’s in appreciation for the CIA support following the sudden loss of her son Glenn whilst working for Tommy Manion in the USA.

The purpose of the Cutters in Action is to help NCHA members and its community in times of need to ensure the health and well-being of its own and their families. 

Funds are raised from events and auctions not limited to schools and clinics, stallion auctions, merchandise and product donations, the list goes on. Over the years, the CIA. has assisted several cutting horse families strained by sudden illness or accidental injury.

In light of recent events, a newly formed Cutters in Action committee is behind the fundraising efforts to support the Smith family. Namely; Steve Beale, Tom Coen, Jade Johnson & Link Baumann.

An online stallion auction was held during the 2018 Tamworth Futurity that featured 86 Australian & International stallion services generously donated by stallion owners across the cutting and camp drafting community and generated over $145K. As well, 3 vendors donated the proceeds of their horses sold in the NCHA Select Sale – Rachel & Jason Leitch, Holly Clayden, SDP Buffalo Ranch/Sally & Vince Bonello.

Nominate have once again generously provided their services to house another online auction that will include various donated items. 

All donations go directly to the Cutters in Action Crisis Fund where the committee will make a decision on how to best support all affected stake holders.

Last but not least, if you would like to donate directly to the Smith Family, a go fund me page has been set up for immediate support. Our thoughts are with the Smith family and the owner and breeders of the horses so tragically lost and injured.

Keen to donate some cash? Head on over to:

For all enquiries and donations, please contact the Cutters In Action Sub Committee:

Tom Coen - 0408 364 569

Jade Johnson - 0448 780 976

Link Baumann - 0427 898 510


Cutters In Action Committee