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I can't click the profile buttons in the members menu


On certain screens I cannot click buttons, it seems like they are not even there.


This seems to be a Apple Safari issue that occurs at certain screen sizes, particularly if the sidebar is out.

The website programmer is working to fix the issue but until then please minimise the sidebar in Safari and see if that corrects the issue.

Please let us know using the button below if this is occurring on any other pages.



The system says my account is locked


When I try to login, the website tells my my account is locked.


This happens either if NCHA decides to lock your account manually or more commonly because someone has attempted to login with a bad password over 5 times.

Why can't I have multiple accounts with the same email address?


Why won't it allow me to create more accounts that use the same email address?


If we allowed this it would be a very big security flaw; Generally, standard security practices mean that 1 email per account is a safer method. This means when you forget passwords or a private email is sent to you etc. no-one else has access to those details.


If you wish you may use 1 account to pay for multiple people's registrations and member's fees etc, just put the member id it is for in the appropriate field.

Streaming Video won't go Fullscreen


When I watch streaming video on my mobile there is no button to make it fullscreen


Some of the companies do not show the button on mobile devices due to the space it takes up.

Try double-tapping the video, often that switches full-screen on and off.