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The NCHA currently has in excess of 70 accredited judges who range from a Single A category to a AAA Category, depending on their experience and proficiency. In order to become an NCHA judge, one must have been a financial member of the Association for at least 3 years and be at least 18 years of age.

An NCHA Judge must attend an NCHA Judges Clinic every 2 years and in order to maintain or advance in rating he or she must fullfill the required number of shows and obtain the necessary pass mark on the written and practical tests.

A highly refined system of Judging has been developed over the years and the same Judges card is used at Cuttings all over the world. The NCHA provides a Judging Casebook which offers a more uniform interpretation and application of the Rule book. It expresses the official interpretation of the Rules for Judging Cutting Horse Contests.