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Update 04/09/20

Following the recent Health Order put in place by the NSW Medical Officer for the continuation of Community Sports, we are now in a position to provide a clearer guidance as to Affiliates hosting shows in NSW regions.

The NCHA supports and sanctions that a NCHA financial member can compete at Affiliate Show in their region or the immediate adjoining region only. (Based on their residential address on the NSW Government Regional Boundaries Map).

Each NSW affiliate will provide a clear direction as to how each show will be COVID 19 Safe implemented, with guidelines included in their Terms and Conditions of entry. So please make sure we all abide by these regulations.

Affiliate K Ranch due to there Business model has endorsed separate model for staging shows, where the NCHA supports and sanctions competition under those guidelines. When further restrictions are changed, we will provide detail for adjusted conditions.

- NCHA Management

Update 19/08/20


The NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, released advice recommending that, effective from Wednesday 19 August 2020, all community sporting events that involve travel from other regions should cease.  Please see attached full statement as to the revised position on Community Sports in NSW.

Understanding that this will cause significant disruption to affiliates who had planned to run events this weekend and beyond, the NCHA supports the position taken by NSW Health. 

Also provided is a some FAQ’s to clarify how this impacts all sporting communities and including the Cutting competitors. 

In clarification on what is classed as regions, the recommendation from NSW Health, that community sporting competitions are ceased, where riders travel from other regions, relies on a definition of regions which we can't provide. There are many different maps, but none are referenced in the advice. In response, please apply common sense to your events, so that only "local" riders attend.


Update 25/05/20

The QLD Government has provided the following link which outlines the path forward for Community Sport in Queensland, along with some funding opportunities that may assist Community Sporting Clubs to:

  • understand the prospective timelines and what that involves
  • support grants for application to assist in restabilising competition, and for the new Covid 19 standards

This information is as per the following link and we hope that will provide some important assistance, as you plan to reintroduce cutting.


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NCHA President Peter Shumack's Covid-19 update, 18 May 2020