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Introduction to Cutting with Jason Leitch - Online Training Video #1


Introduction to Cutting Part II with Jason Leitch - Online Training Video #2

Quick Tip: Three steps to Success with Phil Dawson

Using your position on a cow to get your horse hooked up with Phil Dawson

Introducing your horse to the flag with Todd Graham

Starting your horse on a cow with Todd Graham

Coming from behind a cow with Warwick Screen

Working around and coming from behind with Warwick Screen

The difference between the Cutting and Reining turnaround with Jamie Seccombe

Quick Tip: It's all about being consistent with Scott Campbell

Being consistent and developing routine with Scott Campbell

Developing the stop with Lincoln Veraart

Teaching a horse how to control a cow from day one with Lincoln Veraart

Arena surfaces, setup and design with Aaron Wheatley

How to get more from your cattle when working with Aaron Wheatley

Quick Tip: Tailoring training for you and your horse with Lindsay Wheatley

Tailoring training for you and your horse Part II with Lindsay Wheatley

Getting Cut Consistently with Phil Dawson


The next step with Todd Graham

Keeping the Confidence - Building on a 3 year old with Todd Graham


Working a three year old with Rob Hodgman


Caution in a Cutting Horse with Jason Leitch