What is Cutting? | GRASS ROOTS CUTTING



Grass Roots Cutting is a new format of a weekend Show event aimed to give new and inexperienced weekend cutters a fun and affordable entryway to the sport. Grass Roots events will complement the existing NCHA Championship and Jackpot Shows or run as standalone shows, with lower cost and more flexibility for show producers. Beginning with the 2019-point year, an awards and recognition program will be introduced for the new Grass Roots events, however Affiliates may begin offering Grass Roots events (with no added money) during the remainder of the 2018-point year.

The Grass Roots events will make it easier for affiliates to create events tailored to their unique situations. It also gives new people and current members who are just cutting for fun a better experience and encouragement while being rewarded for their efforts.

Rules / Eligibility for Grass Roots Events

  1. To be eligible to compete, a competitor must be a financial NCHA member or take out a day membership
  2. First years NCHA membership may be purchased at half price, subsequent annual memberships will be full price
  3. The competition will be split into two separate events which will be judged separately–
  • cutting (one handed) and;
  • snafflebit (two handed)
  1. To be eligible you must NOT have won 3 NCHA affiliated cutting events in any class NOR won $500 or more in any NCHA affiliated cutting classes. If you win 3 events or exceed $500 in winnings you may remain in the class until the end of the points year
  2. A competitors run will consist of cutting two cows with two minutes working time per run
  3. The event will be judged under the same rules as all NCHA events
  4. Dress code and all other NCHA rules and policies apply as per NCHA rule book
  1. One horse one rider, however a horse may be entered in both classes with the same or 2 separate riders
  2. As per Rookies regulations the rider does not have to own the horse
  3. On payment of a second entry fee, at the time of initial entry submission, you may enter the same horse twice in the same event however only your highest score will count towards placings and points
  4. A 1A or above NCHA judge must be engaged to judge the event with the judge providing feedback after the completion of the event to the competitor if requested, to assist in improvement
  5. Points will be allocated as per NCHA rule book but for placings down to 10th place, limited to 1 point per 2 competitors (ie if there are 20 competitors in the class 1st place will receive 10 points down to 10th place receiving 1 point) all points will go towards point scores for end of year National buckles and if applicable individual club points
  6. Once a Grass Roots competitor achieves earnings of $500 or they win 3 events they will be awarded an achievement badge
  1. In the event that there is a tie for end of year point scores the following will be used to determine the winner:
  • 1 Cumulative dollars earned;
  • 2 Total number of shows attended

For Affiliates

  • The event is to be approved by the NCHA under the same requirements as any Jackpot or Championship weekend show
  • Training may be provided to competitors prior to competition at the discretion of the affiliate and at a cost to the competitor if deemed appropriate
  • There is no requirement for the event to be videoed
  • An NCHA accredited 1A or above judge must be engaged to judge the event and should be of the understanding that they provide feedback to competitors at the conclusion of the event if requested
  • The affiliate is required to keep entry fees as low as possible, consisting of entry fee (to go back into prize pool), cattle hire (for 1.5 – 2 head of cattle, rerun cattle may be used to reduce cost of cattle hire for the competitor) and levy ($6-60 to cover comprehensive insurance – no video or office fee to be charged)
  • Show approval fee of $55 if run as a standalone show